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SAHARA Cares Mission
Your health and safety are our priority. We care deeply about the well-being of our guests, team members and community. We are committed to creating a safe, clean environment that minimizes risk, using the most well-developed advice of public health and facility experts. You can take comfort in knowing that our enhanced COVID-19 sanitizing procedures go above and beyond our already rigorous standards. We are closely monitoring and applying procedural cleaning standards as provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD), World Health Organization and the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB).

Sanitization Products
In addition to using specialized, CDC recommended disinfectants, we are applying BioProtect™, an EPA registered, anti-microbial surface protectant to high-touch items like door handles, gaming chips, elevator buttons, and slot machine panels. This groundbreaking product contains no poisons or heavy metals but effectively aids in preventing microbial contamination on surfaces for approximately 90 days after application. These surfaces will still be continuously cleaned with disinfectant and BioProtect™ will provide additional assurance that a surface is clean. You can learn more about BioProtect™ here:

SAHARA Cares about your Hotel Stay
Your Guest Room  We have made enhancements to our already strict sanitizing practices. Guests can be assured their room has been thoroughly disinfected with special attention paid to areas of high contact including handles, water faucets, remote controls, toilet seats, countertops, furniture pulls, light switches, thermostats, clocks, phones, and flooring. Our fresh linens are laundered locally so we can ensure the best quality cleaning products and proper water temperature. Linens are never co-mingled with those of other major resorts. After each room has been cleaned, it is inspected for the proper health and safety requirements. Once the room is deemed cleaned to specifications, it will be considered sealed until the guest checks in. During their stay, guests can use our contactless-virtual concierge for service requests.

SAHARA Cares about your Casino Experience
Casino  The live gaming experience will include less players on each game with the appropriate distance between games to ensure that we are complying with recommendations from the NGCB. Our leadership team will discourage unrelated parties from gathering in groups while still promoting a comfortable experience. To protect team members and other guests, players of live table games will be asked to wear cloth facemasks and to step away from the game if they want to smoke. There will also be increased sanitization of table rails, chairs, dice, and chips in addition to changes in procedures to minimize player touching of cards. Hand sanitizer will be readily available for all. Guests can expect additional space between slot machines to ensure players have their own safety zone. Machines (including kiosks and ATMs) and chairs will be disinfected regularly and at any time, guests may request a machine to be sanitized while they wait to play by contacting one of our slot attendants by pressing the service button on their machine.

SAHARA Cares about your Restaurant & Bar Experience
Restaurants and Bars  Our culinary and sanitation teams follow strict guidelines that meet the requirements of the SNHD and the Food and Drug Administration. We have redesigned our menus and service practices to minimize guest risk such as eliminating reusable menus, utilizing single-use items when appropriate, and reducing touchpoints for payments. All restaurants and bars will have limited seating to permit appropriate distance between guests. After guests have completed service, their chair, table, and/or bar space will be disinfected and sanitized prior to the next guest’s arrival.

SAHARA Cares about your Meetings
Our conference center will be completely sanitized prior to and throughout your event. Meetings and conference center events will include physical distancing based on recommended guidelines. We have many options for adjusting seating capacity to ensure safe space between guests. We also offer a variety of options for meal service and coffee breaks that comply with local and state recommendations. Our dedicated sales team offers clients virtual support for tours, site visits, and overall planning needs.

SAHARA Cares about Air Quality
We have consistently prioritized the need to have fresh, circulating air for our guests and team members. We will increase the amount of outside air we bring into our ventilation system to “turn over” inside air more quickly, as well as continue our commitment to replace air filters on a regular basis. We will work closely with experts in HVAC as well as the state and local health officials to stay abreast of innovations and air quality data as it becomes available.

SAHARA Cares about Guests
Guest Use Items Numerous hand sanitizer stations and disinfecting wipes will be available at entry points as well as throughout the property. Additionally, each restroom will have instructions posted regarding property handwashing etiquette to reduce the risk of germs. An amenity kit with protective items for use during their stay will be made available to all hotel guests.

Health and Hygiene Reminders Guests can expect signage throughout the property and in the restrooms as reminders of proper handwashing, how to cover sneezes and coughs, personal mask and glove disposal, and reminders to minimize touching their face.

Social Distancing Throughout the property, guests will see markers on the floor or stanchions to signify the amount of distance they should keep between other people not in their group. This will be expected in line queuing, as well as in the casino where guests might observe other guests playing slots or tables. We are also limiting the number of guests in smaller areas such as elevators, restaurants and retail stores.

Temperature Checks All hotel guests will have their temperature checked prior to check in.

Personal Protective Guards Guests will see countertop plexiglass shields on property, including at the front desk, players club, casino cage, and the sportsbook. These will help protect guests and team members during face-to-face transactions. These protective guards will be disinfected regularly.

SAHARA Cares about Team Members
Training Our team members will receive full training and updates regarding COVID-19 cleaning and hygiene protocols as well as how to identify potential guest wellness concerns in their areas. In the event a suspected case is reported on property, team members will have clear instructions regarding their role and how to advance concerns.

Temperature Checks All team members and vendors will have their temperature checked as they enter the property. Anyone with a high temperature will undergo further assessment, be advised of appropriate medical care steps and must receive clearance before returning to work.

Personal Protective Equipment Team members will be provided with and required to wear face masks in adherence to local and state guidelines. For roles that require access to frequent touchpoints (public area department, housekeeping) or guests (security) team members will be provided gloves as well.

Shared Equipment and Workstations Changes will be made to minimize shared workstations and equipment as much as possible. For devices that must be shared, they will be cleaned and disinfected prior to the next person using the device. Team members will also clean equipment several times throughout their shift.

Heart of the House Behind the scenes, areas will be disinfected often and, like the main guest areas, with COVID-19 standards in mind. Team members will also continue to practice social distancing while on break and walking between areas of the property.


Hotel Arrivals

  • We strongly encourage our guests to wear a protective face mask in public areas
  • Hotel guests will go through a temperature check prior to check in
  • Guests are encouraged to use the Paradise Avenue entrance when arriving at the hotel
  • If arriving via the South Las Vegas Boulevard entrance, please make your way to the front desk area, past the casino
  • While hotel greeters will be welcoming you at each entrance, please note that valet service will not be available and we encourage you to use the East or West parking garage for complimentary parking of your vehicle
  • Bell services will be offered upon request

Checking In

  • Upon arrival at the lobby, please feel free to utilize our hand sanitizer stations and disinfectant wipes and please practice safe social distancing
  • A lobby greeter will be directing each line to advance guests
  • Stanchions will be set per window with social distancing markers and protective shields at the counter
  • To minimize shared paper products, we encourage you to use our SMS/mobile texting application, email and our website for property maps, information and our digital concierge assistance

Elevator Use

  • Social distancing signage and markers will be in place reminding guests of a limit of four (4) per elevator
  • Hotel ambassadors will be monitoring the elevator lobby to ensure fewer people per elevator as well as activating the buttons so guests can minimize exposure

Your Guest Room

  • Each guest will receive a sealed amenity welcome kit which includes a face mask, gloves, and a pen
  • Your room will be treated with BioProtect™ using enhanced cleaning standards and stringent disinfectant protocols
  • Once the room is deemed cleaned to specifications, it will be considered sealed until the guest checks in
  • Television remote controls will be disinfected, packaged and sealed
  • All paper products will be removed from the room with information available on the in-room TV system and on our website at
  • Glassware will be replaced with single-use, sealed cups
  • You may request a sanitized iron, hairdryer, or additional bedding at any time during your stay
  • Guest rooms will not be serviced during short stays except upon request; guidelines will be followed to ensure the protection of the team member and the guest


  • All pool areas are deep cleaned nightly
  • Cleaning and disinfecting will occur between each guest use of lounge chairs, daybeds, and cabanas
  • The pool layout will be updated to include social distancing guidelines and proper space between guests
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the pool area and guests will be asked to sanitize prior to entering
  • Barware will be limited to single-use cups and only individually wrapped straws will be available
  • Guests are encouraged to reserve an area ahead of time for themselves or their group


  • Reservations are highly recommended - guests should come to the restaurant only at their reserved time, so their table is available and to avoid crowding.
  • Seating capacity will be reduced by 50% with clear signage and indicators as to which spaces will be left unoccupied.
  • For guest comfort, single-use, pre-packaged sanitizer wipes will be available at each table and bar top
  • All self-serve condiments and utensils will be removed from tables and will be only available from the servers
  • Straws will be distributed in a wrapper or will be removed whenever possible
  • Linen napkin service will be suspended until further notice and replaced with paper, single-use napkins
  • All food and beverage items to be placed on the table, counter or other surfaces instead of being handed directly to a guest



  • Hours of Operation
    • Table Games – 10:00am to 2:00am
    • Slot Operations – 24 hours
    • Sportsbook - 11:00am to 6:00pm
    • Poker Operations – Coming Soon
  • Drink service will continue to be available on the casino floor, with drinks served in single-use beverage containers
  • Signage will be present regarding hygiene protocols, social distancing standards, and specific casino health and safety practices
  • Guests playing slot machines can request a slot team member to sanitize their machine by pressing the service button on their machine
  • In our gaming areas, we will use stanchions to ensure proper distancing; we will ask that face masks are worn by our guests, and those choosing to smoke will be asked to do so outside of the stanchions
  • Gaming positions in live areas will be sanitized after a play is completed, and before new play begins


What Amenities Will Be Available at Reopening?

We are pleased to provide you with several options during your stay with us at re-opening. Please note hours may be subject to change.



  • Casino Cage
    • Open Daily 24 Hours
  • Slots
    • Open Daily 24 Hours
  • Table Games
    • Open Daily 10AM – 2AM
  • Sportsbook
    • Open Daily 11AM – 6PM
  • Poker – Coming Soon


  • Front Desk
    • Open Daily 24 Hours
  • Alexandria Tower Fitness Center
    • Open Daily 6AM – 2PM
  • Alexandria Pool
    • Open Daily 10AM – 7PM
  • Retro Pool
    • Open Daily 10AM – 7PM
  • Amina Spa – Coming Soon
What type of face mask can I wear?

Guests are strongly encouraged to wear protective face masks in public areas. While surgical or cloth masks are acceptable, please refrain from wearing bandannas, or face masks with political, gang-related, or other disruptive messaging.

Will drink service be available on the casino floor?

Yes, guests will continue to receive drink service on the casino floor. The only change will be the use of single-use disposable beverage containers.

What promotions will you have when you reopen?

With social distancing in mind, SAHARA Las Vegas is planning a variety of your favorite promotions for the summer; such as point multipliers, hot seats, kiosk games, and drawings for players who do not need to be present to win.

When will I receive my direct mail offers?

When we have a confirmed opening date, SAHARA Las Vegas will send casino offers. Be sure we have your email address so you don’t have to wait for them to come in the mail. To provide or update your email address, please contact us at 702.761.7000 or email

What new cleaning protocols will be implemented upon reopening?

The cleaning guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) has become SAHARA’s standard cleaning protocol by which all team members are trained. All guest areas are cleaned and disinfected with EPA-approved chemicals that are specifically designated as effective against coronavirus. For a comprehensive list of our efforts, please refer to our “Welcome” and “What to Expect” tabs.

Will I lose points due to the temporary shut down of the casino?

The standard policy is that points expire after 13 months without play. The time that the property was closed will not be included in the 13-month countdown.

Will my casino offers decrease due to missing days of play?

Players will qualify for their offers based on play prior to the closure. The total downtime will not be included in the qualifying period for future offers.

My tier status was set to expire May 2020. What will happen?

We have adjusted the expiration date to November 30, 2020. Players will keep the tiers credits earned from December 1, 2019 and have until November 30, 2020 to earn their tier status.

What happens to my casino offers?

As a result of the closure, all offers will be canceled during the time we are closed. We will be reinstating new offers when we expect to reopen so look for these additional valid offers in your email and mailbox.

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude and support to everyone on the front lines working around the clock. Now more than ever is the need for clear communication. We promise to keep you posted on the latest news, updates, and information as they become available.

We look forward to welcoming you back when our doors re-open on June 4, 2020.

Best Ways To Reach Us

Statement Regarding Temporary Closure of
SAHARA Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (March 17, 2020) – Governor Sisolak has mandated closure of all Nevada casinos and hotels and we understand this is in the best interest of our team members, guests and our community at this time. Working with the governor’s office and the Nevada Gaming Control Board, beginning March 17, 2020 SAHARA Las Vegas will begin the process of temporarily closing the resort for a period of 30 days.

This temporary suspension in operations is a precautionary measure, implemented out of concern for public health. Currently, there have been no reported cases of COVID-19 at SAHARA Las Vegas. The casino will be closed to the public beginning at midnight March 18, 2020.

The State of Nevada and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have made increasingly urgent warnings for the public to remain home and practice social distancing in order to stem the spread of the virus. The Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has urged aggressive containment and mitigation efforts such as avoiding unnecessary public outings. In accordance with these recommendations, the State of Nevada and resort leadership believe a temporary closure is the responsible thing to do.

SAHARA Las Vegas leadership understands suspending resort operations come with great impact to our team members. SAHARA Las Vegas will absorb costs to maintain health benefits for all individuals affected by these changes during this difficult time. Additionally, leadership is working with federal, state and local agencies to connect those impacted with additional resources.

SAHARA Las Vegas leadership will continue to evaluate this evolving situation and looks forward to welcoming the return of guests and team members as soon as it is safe to do so.

SAHARA's Preventative Measures Against COVID-19

The comfort and safety of our guests and team members are always our paramount concern. We are fortunate to have a culture of guest safety conducted and overseen by well-trained professionals. We have stringent sanitation procedures in place to ensure the safety of all guests. Like all responsible hospitality businesses, we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely. We are working collaboratively with and following the guidance of state health officials, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD).

Some of our preventative measures include the following:

  • We continue to educate employees and share best practices for protecting our guests as well as our team members. We encourage employees to stay home if they are not feeling well.
  • We have installed additional hand sanitizers throughout the property.
  • We verified that we are using CDC-recommended cleaning supplies to guard against the virus.
  • Our dishwashers use EPA-registered cleaners to guard against the virus.
  • Our environmental services team has increased the cleaning frequency of each area.
  • We are in regular contact with the Nevada Health District for the latest updates and to ensure we are following health and safety protocols.
  • Restaurant condiments are made available upon request and containers are wiped with sanitizer in between uses. We will keep you informed of any developments as we are committed to ensuring your travels are as safe and seamless as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the property be temporarily closed?
At this time, our closure is anticipated to run through June 3, 2020, with doors opening on June 4th.

Will I be refunded for my reservation that falls within your closure dates?
Your reservation is automatically canceled. We will be fully refunding your deposit and depending on your bank, this refund may take up to seven days to process. For any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at or by calling 702.761.7000.

How can I contact someone to speak about my reservation?
You can reach our contact center Monday-Thursday between the hours of 10am and 3pm PST at 888.696.2121. You can also email us at

What new cleaning protocols will the resort-casino implement upon reopening in relation to COVID-19?
The cleaning guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) has become SAHARA's standard cleaning protocol by which all team members are trained. All guest areas are cleaned and disinfected with EPA-approved chemicals that are specifically designated as effective against coronavirus.

Casino FAQ

What happens to the offers that were valid during the time the casino is closed?
As a result of the closure, all offers will be canceled during the time we are closed. We will be reinstating new offers when we expect to reopen so look for these additional valid offers in your email and mailbox.

My tier status was set to expire in May of 2020. What will happen?
Players who were on track to make their tier upgrade prior to the closure will be moved into the new tier automatically.

Will my casino offers decrease due to missing days of play while the property was closed?
Players will qualify for their offers based on play prior to the closure. The total downtime will not be included in the qualifying period for future offers.

Will I lose points due to the temporary shut down of the casino?
The standard policy is that points expire after 13 months without play. The time that the property was closed will not be included in the 13-month countdown.

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